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MK1620 CNC grinding machine fills the market gap


MK1620 CNC grinding machine fills the market gap It is reported that Beijing Guangyu Dacheng CNC Machine Co., Ltd. has launched the MK1620 high-precision CNC cylindrical grinding machine, which is dedicated to the grinding of the supercharger rotor shaft. It is a new breakthrough in supercharger processing and fills the gap in the Chinese market.

It is understood that MK1620 high-precision CNC cylindrical grinding wheel spindle using high-precision overall sleeve large taper dynamic pressure spindle, spindle radial runout and axial turbulence ≤ 1μm; card grinding roundness of the workpiece ≤ 1μ, 0.5μm; surface Finish: Ra≤0.2μ; Workbench and grinding wheel guide adopt V flat sliding plastic track, good vibration resistance, smooth movement; AC servo motor drives ball screw feed, and the screw support is pre-tightened It ensures the high precision and stability of the feed. Grinding wheel repeat positioning accuracy ≤ 2μ; machine tailstock adopts linear bearings, interference fit, to ensure that the workpiece support rigidity, and flexible movement; machine tool headstock spindle generally dead tip form, good rigidity. However, depending on the user's processing requirements, the spindle grinding method can be selected; according to the user's different processing requirements, it can provide various specifications of high-precision CNC surface grinder, high-precision CNC internal grinder, high-precision CNC arc tooth grinder and other equipments. special plane.

It is reported that the grinder is a company that has accumulated many years of technology and experience, and has successfully developed a joint technical solution with the supercharger rotor shaft manufacturer. It can realize the machining of multiple working surfaces such as shaft shafts, slots, and R angles. Processing roundness, surface finish and size guarantee consistency to meet the batch processing requirements of parts, replacing the original traditional manual M1420 grinder, greatly improving production efficiency and improving product quality. At the same time, it also created a precedent for the domestic CNC grinding machine to replace the imported similar products in the field of supercharger rotor shaft applications.

PSM-CNC series Grinding Machine

The products we provide are: Rubber Roller Builder, Rubber Roller Grinding Machine, External Cylindrical Grinder, Emery Belt Precision Machine, Fully Automatic Measuring Instrument, Grinding Head and Fitting of Equipment. Specialized digital-controlled software for roll processing,make almost all the profile of rollers.
Base on the basic PSM series general grinding machine, PSM-CNC series is developed by changed the driven type and control system. CNC system is specialized digital-controlled software for roll processing. Jinan Power Rubber Roller Equipment Company and the institutions of scientific research develop the software. Its professional performance characteristics are the best among the machining industry. Due to the all-round of the system function, it can make almost all the profile of rollers. For instance, parabolic crowning and concave, cosine crowning and concave, circular, cone, coarse pitch, herringbone, diamond, straight groove, horizontal groove and other formations in the appended drawing.


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